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Where's Waldo? - Waldo 1\/6th Scale - Action Figure

Where's Waldo? - Waldo 1\/6th Scale - Action Figure

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"Have you found Waldo yet?" Blitzway presents the Waldo from 'Where's Waldo?' . the first 1/6th scale MEGAHERO series. Waldo is an iconic character beloved by many fans since its debut as a children's puzzle book called 'Where's Waldo?' in 1987. Blitzway has taken the character from the book and brought him into the real world for all the 'Where's Waldo?' fans. This 1/6th scale Waldo action figure features the highly detailed Waldo head sculpt . the newly designed body that allows for Waldo's signature poses . elaborately tailored Waldo's outfit . and various accessories. Do not miss this adorable Waldo . and bring him home for your collection right now!


  • Where's Waldo?: Waldo - 1/6th scale action figure Highly detailed likeness of Waldo in 'Where's Waldo?' book Newly designed and developed male body of Waldo
  • Ten (10) pieces of replaceable hands
  • The newly designed spinnable figure stand
  • Six (6) stand decorating parts


    • One (1) newly tailored red and white striped sweater
    • One (1) blue pants
    • One (1) pair of brown boots


      • One (1) travel backpack
      • One (1) cross-body bag
      • One (1) snorkeling gear
      • One (1) pair of binoculars
      • One (1) camera bag
      • One (1) belt
      • One (1) hammer
      • One (1) kettle
      • One (1) cup
      • One (1) cane
      • One (1) shovel
      • One (1) 'Where's Waldo?' book
      • One (1) extra black-framed glasses with winking eyes (Early Pre-Order Bonus)

        2D gifts:

        • One (1) 'Where's Waldo?' postcard
        • One (1) 'Where's Waldo?' stickers pack


          • Manufacturer: Blitzway
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